Cleaning Materials and Lubricants Required for Maintenance Cisits

Cleaning Materials and Lubricants Required for Maintenance Cisits

During Winter, Dayton homes can be as dry as the Sahara desert. The humidity level in your home plays a big part in how comfortable you feel, Moreover, proper home humidity lowers the risk of health issues. Adding whole home humidification protects against cold and flu viruses, reduces static electricity, and guards against respiratory issues

What is the Right Humidity Level?

The answer depends on many factors, but generally humidity levels should stay around 30% to 50%. Too high, and you encourage mold growth and allow germs to thrive. Too low and you end up with skin irritation, sinus problems, chapped lips, and an increased chance of cold and flu. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions has the professional tools and know-how to determine your home’s humidity level.

Why is Proper Humidity Important?

Ever visit a museum and see valuable historical items in climate controlled cases? That’s because improper humidity levels drastically effect valuable items such as wood floors, musical instruments, art work, and wood furniture. Medical studies have found that when your sinus and respiratory system remains moist, it fights more effectively against germs, viruses, and colds. People who suffer from asthma and other respiratory ailments breath easier when proper humidity levels are maintained. Simply put, you and you family stay healthier.


There are some simple ways to add moisture into Winter’s dry, uncomfortable air.

  • Heat water in a tea kettle rather than the microwave oven, and steam will escape into the air.
  • Allow some clothes items to air-dry
  • Leave the bathroom door open when showering.
  • Add houseplants and water with a spray bottle. Plant naturally produce moisture, and the spray bottle diffuses moisture into the air.
  • For small areas, fill your Crock Pot with hot water, and run it on low without the lid. The Crock Pot is more energy efficient than cooking with the lids off your pans on the stove top.
  • Diffuse essential oils into the air for moisture, and enjoy a pleasant fragrance, too.

Choose Professional Solutions: Install Whole-home Humidification

While DIY good health habits like those above make sense, most homes can’t meet Winter’s demand for humidification with small changes here and there. Depend on Lifestyle Comfort Solutions to do a professional analysis of your Dayton area home’s humidity and provide suggestions for creating ultimate health and comfort through the ease and peace-of-mind of whole home humidification.