Reasons Your Home isn’t Cooling, Part 1

The air-conditioner is running, but your home still feels uncomfortably warm. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions explains some reasons why, and suggests easy DIY fixes and repairs better left to the professionals.

Thermostat Problems
Some models of  thermostats or controllers as frequently called today, may need batteries to operate. Add fresh batteries as necessary.
Be sure the thermostat is set to cooling. Be sure that the thermostat is set lower than the outdoor temperature.
If DIY solutions fail, call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions to learn about thermostats which are light years ahead of the old round knobs like your grandparent’s had on their wall.

Debris Around the Outdoor Unit
Vegetation sprouts up nearly overnight during summer. Keep plants, bushes, and other vegetation at least 2 feet away from all sides of the outdoor unit.
Check after summer storms to remove branches, leaves and other debris which may have blown around, and into, the outdoor unit. Blow grass clippings away from the unit from mowing.
Have your system professionally maintained every cooling seasonal Regular maintenance protects your warranty, extends the life of the equipment, and saves on energy costs.

Insufficient Insulation

Homeowner often think of insulation only as a protection from Winter’s cold. However, it is just as important in Summer. Proper insulation keeps cold air from escaping. It absorb’s the sun’s heat to reduce solar gains in your home. Adding insulation without air-sealing is largely money wasted. Professional Home Performance experts like Lifestyle Comfort Solutions are your ally in investing insulation dollars wisely.

Low Refrigerant

Refrigerant is necessary to produce cool air. This isn’t a DIY project. Strict environmental protections are in place. Incorrectly mixing refrigerants can cause irreparable damage, requiring unit replacement. Let your Lifestyle Comfort Solutions cooling experts troubleshoot refrigerant problems.