Air-Balancing for Ultimate Home Comfort

Feel a big change in temperature from one room to the next? Spots hotter or colder than others?  Second floor too hot in Summer, or too cold in Winter? HVAC air-balancing is a cost-effective solution. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions recently helped a client achieve dramatic improvement in the comfort level of their second story through air-balancing. Here’s how it works:

Air Balancing is a professional analysis determining how your existing HVAC system distributes air evenly throughout the home. Through air balancing, all zones enjoy the correct amount of climate control. Rob Falke, President, National Comfort Institute, suggests “balancing is the single-most important step that can be taken to assure your systems produce comfort and operate efficiently.”

Air balancing is not as simple as a homeowner opening and shutting registers. In fact, registers which are improperly opened and closed can actually damage your HVAC system over time, causing breakdowns and premature failure! Those pesky hot and cold spots and uneven temperatures are best handled by a professional.

An air-balance test uses special diagnostic tools. A flow hood measures air flow. A  manometer measures air pressure. A hygrometer measures humidity.

An air balance analysis reveals problems with duct work: damaged or perforated air ducts, loose duct joints, blockages, undersized ducts, excessively long ducts, or duct work with sharp turns. Existing ducts may not have been modified at the time new equipment is installed.

An air-balance test measure static pressure, a critical indicator of effective system operation.

The air balance analysis suggests adjustments to fan speeds, thermostats, or HVAC control devices.

An air-balancing test locates the need for additional dampers or needed adjustments to existing ones.

An air-balance test is affordable, and takes 2-3 hours. When completed, the state of the art equipment used during the test leaves no trace Lifestyle Comfort Solutions has been there.  As a homeowner, you enjoy complete control over whether you proceed with more costly repairs.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is proud of a staff who’ve earned Building Performance Institute and National Comfort Institute certifications, with years of experience in achieving ultimate comfort through air balancing. We’re here to answer questions, give advice, and bring the many advantages of air balancing to your home.