The Benefits of Obtaining an HVAC Permit

Both homeowners and contractors appreciate projects which move forward quickly, with minimum aggravation and delay. However, beware contractors who recommend by-passing the permit process.  Here’s why:

Permits Protect Your Investment

When selling a property, homeowners are required by law to disclose installations, additions, major repairs, and structural changes to the home. Non-permit alterations may scare away potential buyers. Buyers may require costly repairs. Non permit upgrades may reduce the value of your home.  The permit process protects a home’s resale value.

Permits Promote Safety

Faulty installation may cause fire, flood/water damage, or other hazards. Gas leaks and toxic gas may threaten your family’s health or risk their lives. Fires from Improper electrical installation may be deadly.

Permits Protect Insurance Coverage

Your insurance carrier may decide not to cover mistakes, accidents, or injuries which occur on a non permit project. You’re left to bear responsibility for problems on the project.

It’s the Law!

Zoning and building codes vary from place to place. However, few, if any, communities have no standard. Contractors must register with a city to obtain a permit on behalf of a client. Companies must demonstrate reliability by providing its state contractor license number and proof of liability insurance. Some cities require a performance bond. Special guidelines apply to historic districts.

Building departments which become aware of non permit work within their jurisdiction may level fines or delay projects.

Many projects require a permit.  Others may not. Planning on your part prevents problems. You can learn more about the permit process by visiting your city’s website, speaking with your local building/zoning department, and by partnering with Lifestyle Comfort Solutions.