3 Building Blocks to Healthy Air

3 Building Blocks to Healthy Air

Lisa Crosley is the President of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions. She regularly installs the industry’s newest products in her own home, before recommending to her clients.

Here, Lisa talks about the three building blocks of clean, healthy, indoor air.

One of the benefits coming from our current health crisis is the understanding that we must protect the air we breathe.  It’s estimated that just one cubic foot of the air you breath is filled with as many as 30 million pollutants!  Just because we don’t see or smell these invisible enemies, doesn’t mean they can’t hurt us.

Clean, fresh, healthy air is built on a three-fold foundation.

Here’s how to fight indoor air pollution:


Call it air purification, air cleaning, or air filtration. The principle is the same. Add a high performing filter to your furnace to catch airborne particles like allergens, viruses, bacteria, and pet dander which contribute to asthma, allergy, and respiratory distress.

The standard one-inch filter traps only the largest airborne particles, leaving most microscopic waste behind for you and your family to breath.

Upgrading to high efficiency filtration is a critical step in breathing cleaner, fresher air.


Indoor air pollution is as much as 5 to 100 times greater than outdoor pollution. While homes became tighter– new windows and doors, and higher energy performance standards—families now breath filthier air.  And worse, the outside air which leaks into your home often comes from dirty areas like attics, crawl spaces, basements, and soil around the home’s foundation.

Creating warmth in the Winter and cool in the Summer is just the start of what your heating/cooling system does for you. Put your heating/cooling system to work by adding ventilation either at the time you install new equipment or to your existing system. 


Humidity is often seen as an enemy during the hot, sweaty days of Summer.  However, maintaining indoor humidity of 30% to 50% year- round adds to your comfort. Even more important, research strongly suggests that proper humidity levels help fight viruses which cause illness.

Controlling excessive humidity during Summer, and adding humidity during Winter fights dry skin, bloody noses, and aggravating static electricity.

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