Celebrate Earth Day EVERY DAY with an Eco-Friendly HVAC System

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions shares tried-and-true ways to achieve ultimate comfort and be a good steward of the Earth.

Protect the Air Flow to your HVAC System

Give your HVAC system the continual air flow it needs to operate efficiently. Keep bushes, shrubs, and grass from growing up around the outdoor unit. Keep the area around the indoor unit free of paints, buckets, and other household items.

Invest in Regular, Seasonal Maintenance

You don’t ignore your car’s oil change.  Don’t ignore your mechanical system’s need for quality, professional service in both the spring and fall.  A one time check is great, but a service agreement is even better.  You’ll enjoy more services for your money, and build a trust relationship with a qualified professional.

Professional coil cleaning allows your unit to run more efficiently. The cost of coil cleaning is often returned in energy savings, while you enjoy enhanced comfort. You may enjoy longer equipment life, tool

Control Your Own Environment
Install a programmable thermostat and learn how to use it.  It saves money and allows custom comfort.
Replace your air filter regularly, according to manufacturer instructions.  Install the very best filtration system you can afford.
Open and shut curtains, blinds, and shades to keep rooms from over heating during Summer and cold air from blowing in Winter.
Replace An Aging System

Today’s systems are light-years ahead of models built as little as 10 years ago. Looking for the most energy efficient models? The Energy Star will guide you.

Remember! The efficiency built into the unit is only as good as the quality of the installation. Duct sealing and repair is critical. The DOE believes that most ducts leak as much as 25%, meaning for energy dollar you invest, a quarter is wasted. Duct balancing is another critical step in great performance. Duct balancing allows air which you’ve paid to heat or cool ends up in the part of your home or building where you will enjoy it the most.

Explore Innovative Solutions

Geothermal? Heat pump? Dual fuel? Boilers? Steam? Gas Forced-air? Don’t let these unfamiliar terms puzzle you! Lifestyle Comfort Solutions specializes in innovation solutions to create custom comfort for each family and work space.

Every family and work space is different. Day in and day out, our Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ Certified Energy Manager, Building Performance Institute Certified Building Analyst, and design team with decades of experience create custom comfort.