Can I Trust this HVAC Salesperson?

At Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, integrity is a key value. Here’s how to know if you can trust an HVAC salesperson, or if it’s time to move on.

Beware Immediate Demand for Equipment Replacement

Let’s face it. Eventually your HVAC equipment will wear out and need to be replaced.  An honest HVAC tech will tell you that, rather than see you invest your hard-earned comfort dollars trying to repair aging equipment.  Moreover, not all problems–like a cracked heat exchanger, for example– can be repaired safely.

Unfortunately, when called for service, some companies immediately begin high pressure to replace equipment.  They are thinking more about the company’s wallet than yours.

Do your homework.  Lots of good information exists to help you decide between repair and replacement.

Immediate high pressure to replace is a warning sign to move on.

Beware the  Salesperson Who Talks more than Listens

No two homes are alike, and no two families have the same needs. To create custom comfort, the sales person should listen to your concerns. They should gather information about your home and your lifestyle. Look for the company which designs a system to meet your unique needs.

A reliable HVAC company generally provides options for you to consider. Once the options are explained, work with the company which respects your decisions.

Beware High Pressure

From time to time, homeowners benefit from time-limited offers. Contractors may offer special savings during shoulder season when the schedule isn’t quite as full. Equipment manufacturers may offer special seasonal savings promotions. Local utility companies may promote energy saving opportunities for a limited time.

However, beware the company which pressures you to make an immediate decision, telling you you’ll lose an incredible deal if you don’t sign up right now.

Fear is never a good reason to make a quick decision. Your comfort system is a significant investment. You’ll live with your decision for the lifetime of the equipment–as much as 12-20 years.

Take time to make the right decision for your home and family.

Beware Lack of Technical Expertise

Homeowners must realize that the quality of heating/cooling equipment installation is even more critical than the quality of the equipment you purchase.  In addition to the quality of the equipment installation, the US DOE warns that a poorly performing duct system can waste as much as 25 cents of every energy dollar spent.

  • Does the company size equipment correctly using ACCA Manual J standards?  Avoid contractors who simply swap out new equipment with what is already there.
  • Is the company licensed, bonded, insured?
  • Has the company earned awards that demonstrate the quality of their work?
  • Ask about technical designations the company holds.
  • What is their BBB rating?

However, a quality company shouldn’t come into your home and overwhelm you with their technical jargon. You’ll feel much more comfortable working with a company who puts building science into everyday terms you understand.

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