Spring Clean the Air You Breathe Through iWAVE Technology

Start spring cleaning with the air you breathe. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions takes your heating/cooling system beyond basic comfort to purifying the air. Here’s how:

What is iWave technology?

iWave technology is a simple device. It installs in a duct connected to your furnace or air conditioner. Simply put, the device creates both positive and negative ions. These ions seek out and destroy pollutants, viruses, mold, bacteria, odor, smoke, and allergens.

The positive/negative ions work in one of two ways. Ions break down pollutants into harmless compounds. Or, ions bond pollens together into particles big enough for the filter to trap.

Is the iWave Safe for my Family?

The ions in an iWave air purifier are the same as the ions found in lightening, waterfalls, and ocean waves. It cleans the air in your home in the same way Mother Nature cleans itself.

Plus, IWave technology creates no harmful ozone to hurt the environment.

Installation creates little, if any, mess in your home.

What does it cost?

iWave technology is available in a variety of models to meet each family’s individual needs. Initial installation is cost-effective. It may be covered by financing programs. Units require little on-going maintenance.

iWaves are considered the most effective air purification system available today.

Don’t order ion systems from the internet or home shopping networks. iWave technology is much more effective, and often cost less.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ mission is to create homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient. Don’t settle for a comfort system which only heats and cools when you can put it to work in so many other great ways.

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