Dangers of A Vent Free Fireplace

Dayton families welcome the cheery warmth of a cozy fire in their homes during the long, dark days of Winter. However, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions warns homeowners of the dangers of vent free appliances.

How Do Vent Free Products Work?

The basic concept of a vent-free fireplace is that by burning gas instead of wood, you create “smokeless” heat that doesn’t require ventilation and allows heat created by the fire to stay in your home. Some argue that the vent free unit is no more dangerous than a gas range/oven which produces cooking heat by burning gas. However, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions warns it’s not exactly that simple.

You MUST Deal with the By-Products of Burning Gas

Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and sulphur dioxide are all by-products of burning gas. Without venting, these gases have no where to go but into the living space. Manufacturers of vent free appliances often argue that sensors built into the products maintain these gases at acceptable levels. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions warns that even low levels of these hazardous, potentially lethal gases, are harmful to children, pregnant women and their unborn babies, the elderly, pets and those who suffer from respiratory problems. Vent free products have been banned in some areas of the country due to the hazard.


Other Dangers of Vent-Free Products

  • Water vapor.  A vent-free product which burns as little as 4 hours a day releases 6 gallons of water into the home.  Water released into the home affects drywall, wood flooring, and furniture.  Mold and mildew may result, complicating respiratory problems.
  • Odors.   Homeowners complain of experiencing headaches and flu-like symptoms associated with the distinct odor of burning gas.
  • Soot and Stains.   Some vent-free products leave behind soot and stains which discolor wall coverings, both paint and paper.  Some families report the need to repaint living spaces after just one season of vent-free appliance use.  Don’t burn scented candles while a vent-free appliance is working.  The warm, moist heat from the vent-free gas logs makes the soot from the scented candle 50 times worse.

Vent-free Appliances aren’t Hassle Free

According to Home Advisor, improper installation, improper fireplace sizing, improper use, and appliance failure can all lead to major safety issues. Vent free appliances require regular service; they are not maintenance free.

If You Decide to Use a Vent- Free Product

  • Do not rely on the vent free unit as your sole source of heat.
  • Position vent-free products EXACTLY as directed by the manufacturer.  Proper installation is the first line of defense in controlling deadly gas.
  • Correctly position professional grade, low level CO monitors on each floor and outside sleeping areas.  Ask Lifestyle Comfort Solutions for help choosing quality detectors.
  • Remember! Drafts, candles, ceiling fans, and a tight house may interfere with the safe operation of vent-free products.

It is more costly and time consuming to install vented products into your home.  However, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions encourages you to weigh the cost against the more reliable safety of vented products.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is glad to answer your questions and assist you in creating a home which is comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy-efficient.

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