Mistakes When Buying a Furnace

Winter arrives in Dayton and the Miami Valley, bringing emergency furnace replacement. Not wishing to let Old Man Winter leave them shivering, savvy homeowners consider planned furnace replacement.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions warns of common mistakes homeowners makes when purchasing a new furnace.

Considering Price, Not Value

For most Americans, a heating/cooling system is the third most expensive single purchase –right behind a house and a car.  Moreover, homeowners may purchase a furnace just once in a lifetime.  Where do you start?

Sticker shock is a reality when purchasing a new system. The average America family simply doesn’t have the cost of a new system saved.

The temptation to purchase the cheapest model is real.

Remember!  With the 12-15 year life span of your system, you will live with your decision for a long time. Higher quality units do come with higher price tags.  But, most are quieter, are protected with better warranties, and offer health and safety benefits.

Purchasing the Wrong Size Equipment

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions reminds homeowners that bigger is not better!  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions takes many different factors into account through a process called Manual J.

Correctly sizing a unit isn’t rocket science, but it is building science! 

If a contractor suggests simply swapping out a new unit with the same size or uses a rule of thumb, walk away.

Getting Too Many Estimates

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions understands you want to invest your energy dollar wisely.  However, consider this: the price difference between one contractor and another may come from intangible value you will appreciate later.

Your satisfaction with new equipment depends more on quality of installation than quality of equipment purchased.  Choosing the cheapest price may rob you of valuable benefits you will enjoy for years to come.

It’s difficult to truly compare apples to apples.

Work with a contractor you trust, and let them guide you.

Ignoring the Value of Warranty Protection

  • What is the warranty period behind the model you’re considering?  Three years?  Five years?  Ten years?
  • Should I purchase an extended warranty for additional protection? Does the price include additional benefits such as Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ offer of free first year maintenance on the products it install.
  • What installation guarantee does a contractor offer?  How does the contractor stand behind their work, and respond to concern? Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers a lifetime workmanship guarantee on equipment it installs and maintains.

Homeowners purchasing a new heating/cooling system expect years of trouble free service.  The strength of a warranty goes a long way toward assuring that.

Ignoring Financing Options

Many of us at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions have committed to a debt free lifestyle.  We understand and support families working to stay out of debt.

However, at times, with a major investment like a heating/cooling system, breaking the purchase into smaller monthly payments takes strain off the family budget. It allows for the purchase of features which pay for themselves in future savings.

No matter what your budget, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers a variety of financing programs.  Expect your Lifestyle Comfort Consultant to open a conversation about financing with each of its clients.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ mission is to create homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient. We guide homeowners in selecting just the right comfort system for  each family’s needs. Call us today with questions and concerns or to schedule a free, friendly visit with our Comfort Consultant.