What is Home Performance?

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is different than other Dayton area HVAC companies because of its commitment to home performance.  At Lifestyle Comfort Solutions we don’t just heat and cool your home or business.  Using state of the art equipment first developed by NASA, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions looks at how the many comfort elements in your home work together.  Learn how.

A Simple Explanation

Let’s take your car for an example. Several parts work together to make it run smoothly and efficiently.  Lose just one part, and the entire car stops running.

The same is true of your home. The insulation, your HVAC system, the thermal envelop, appliances, and lighting must all work together. Failure of one system impacts your homes total comfort, safety, health, and energy efficiency.

When you need repair, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions doesn’t focus on just the most obvious problem. We look at the house as a system, and determine ways to make all the parts work together at peak efficiency.

A Whole House and Duct Performance Audit

Sometimes called an energy audit, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions uses a blower door, duct blasters, smoke pencils, and other high tech tools to determine just how your home is performing. We identify cracks and gaps around windows and doors, electrical outlets, recessed lights, the air duct system, the attic, and the basement/crawl space.  Solutions range from simple DIY projects to more thorough professional repairs.  The test takes 2-3 hours and once we finish you won’t even know we’ve been there!

The Benefits of a Whole House and Duct Performance Audit

Poor ventilation and excess moisture in the home results in dust mites, mold, and allergens. Air sealing allows you to enjoy clean, fresh air while cutting down on indoor air pollution.

Air-sealing your home is critical before adding insulation to your home. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions believes that insulation without air-sealing is money largely wasted.

Choose ENERGY STAR appliances for the best chance of saving on utility bills.  But, remember!  The quality of the installation is even more critical than the quality of the equipment you purchase!

According to the Dept of Energy, engaging in a whole-home-house-as-a-system approach may save homeowners as much as 20 cents on every dollar!

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is proud of its Building Performance Institute certification, and its years of experience creating homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient.

To learn more call Lifestyle Comfort Solutions at 937.202.4520 or visit us at www.lifestylecomfortsolutions.com