When Should I Replace my Furnace?

A client recently asked Lifestyle Comfort Solutions: “When should I replace my furnace?”  Our respectful answer: “Before it breaks down.” Lifestyle Comfort Solutions shares warning signs that it’s time to consider planned replacement.

How Old Is Your System?

The life span of most heating equipment is 12-15 years. Repairs may keep a system working longer. Still, your family is living on borrowed time. Are you experiencing a pattern of reoccurring repairs? Does a repair today get the system running, only to have something else break in a few weeks?

Frequent breakdown isn’t a sign of a poor technician.  It’s a warning sign that replacement is necessary. Money spent on repairs is better invested in new equipment.

Do You Hear Strange Sounds?

We live our lives with the quiet, steady sound of our comfort system humming in the background of our lives.  You know what it sounds like.  Failing comfort systems may send out distress signals in the form of unfamiliar sounds or strange smells.

Are Energy Bills Increasing?

A properly maintained, efficient heating system goes a long way in managing your fuel bills.  Sky-rocketing fuel bills signal that your system is struggling to operate efficiently.  Time for professional maintenance, repair, or replacement.

Is The Furnace Continually Shutting Off?

A heating system which operates properly shouldn’t continually stop and start.  Called short-cycling, it’s a warning signs of equipment aging.

Is Your Family Healthy?

All families experience the occasional cold or flu during a Dayton winter.  However, if your family experiences flu-like symptoms which don’t seem to improve, you may have a cracked heat exchanger leaking deadly carbon monoxide into your home.

Another sign of carbon monoxide poisoning is flu-like symptoms and fatigue which you experience at home, but seem to get better once you leave.

Carbon monoxide is invisible, tasteless, and odorless,. Yet, it’s deadly.  Regular furnace inspections, at least once a year, are critical to help spot existing, or possibly, developing problems.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions understands that next to buying a home and a car, the purchase of a new comfort system is the largest single purchase that many families ever make. A family may buy a new comfort system just once in a lifestyle. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers a variety of financing program to help.are there to help.

Don’t  be afraid to talk to Lifestyle Comfort Solutions about new equipment before things go bump in a cold Winter’s night. We won’t try to sell you something you don’t need. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions mission is to create homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy and energy efficient.

Season after season, we’re committed to comfort.