Use Your HVAC System to Keep your Family Healthier

Use Your HVAC System to Keep your Family Healthier

Jack Frost arrived in Dayton, OH and brought colds, flu, and allergies with him.  Unpleasant odors, pet dander, and static electricity aggravate us when we close up our homes against Winter cold.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions suggests a great way to put your Dayton furnace to work keeping your family healthy. It’s iWave technology.

Exciting New Technology

The iWave uses ions to purify air passing through your duct work. The iWave creates particles big enough to be caught by your furnace filter. It virtually eliminates airborne viruses, kills mold and bacteria, controls odors, and reduces pet dander and smoke.

What excites Lifestyle Comfort Solutions most is that iWave creates healthier air without creating harmful ozone as earlier products of its kind did.  The iWave uses ions just like those created in Nature in lightening, waterfalls, and ocean waves!

Easy to Add-on to Your HVAC system

An iWave air purifier can be added to your existing duct work in about 15 minutes. Many models are self-cleaning, and require little or no maintenance. The iWave technology in use in over 100,000 applications has kept indoor coils cleaner, protecting the life of your furnace.

iWave technology is surprisingly affordable. LIfestyle Comfort Solutions financing programs may apply.

The three year limited warranty helps you to breathe easier, too.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ mission is to create homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient. Ask us how iWave technology helps both homes and workplaces to be healthier places to live and work.