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Why Your HVAC Company Should be a Drug-Free Workplace

by | Oct 30, 2018 | HVAC | 0 comments

Despite the extreme labor shortage in the skilled professional trades, and the stinging drug crisis in Ohio, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions maintains its commitment as a Drug Free Workplace.  The reasons are simple:  Security and Safety.


From time to time our employees enter homes when no one is there. You trust us with garage codes, security system disarming codes, lock box entry codes, credit card information, and much, much more.

We work around your valuables, and the property you are rightly proud of.

While Lifestyle Comfort Solutions never implies that all drug use involves crime, there is an established link between property damage and increased theft with drug use.  We want to minimize the temptation to misuse your critical information and to protect your property.  Historically, employees of Drug Free Workplaces maintain a stronger track record here.

Some problems with your HVAC system can be life-threatening.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions strives to provide trained, clear-headed technicians who thoughtfully spot carbon monoxide leaks, gas leaks, and other potentially deadly conditions.  We work to maintain clean work sites without trip hazards.  We do our best to fix problems with one visit.  Being a Drug Free Workplace helps us meet this goal.


On the road. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ trucks share the road with your family, school buses, medical transports, and the trucking industry.  We pull trailers loaded with replacement HVAC equipment, lifts and tools, and we drive box trucks filled with heavy materials.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is committed to driver safety, drivers able to respond quickly and correctly in potentially dangerous traffic situations–drivers who are good citizens on the roadway.

On the job.  A worker who reports to work impaired puts himself/herself at risk.  Impaired individuals with slowed reaction time and impaired decision-making become a risk to  those who work with them. Impaired individuals may injure your property. creating an insurance liability headache for you.

The Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation estimates that drug use costs Ohio businesses $7,000 per employee to deal with the consequence of impaired workers.  When this cost is passed on to clients, the cost of service rises.  Neither clients nor Lifestyle Comfort Solutions benefits.

EnviroControl Systems and its residential division, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, is proud to hold the Associated Builder and Contractors Platinum Level Award for Safety.  Being a Drug Free Workplace is only a small part of our over-all commitment to safety and quality which sets us apart from other HVAC companies in the Dayton area.

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