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What is a Home’s Building Envelope? Why is it Important?

by | Oct 2, 2018 | Building Performance | 0 comments

The most important aspect of your home is its building, or thermal, envelope.  Simply put, it’s the silhouette or outline of your home; your defense against the weather, and your protection from dangers in the living environment. The thermal envelope, more than any other factor, controls the comfort level and energy efficiency of the home. Here’s what Lifestyle Comfort Solutions wants you to know:

No Two Homes are Alike

Climate. Location. Intended use. Architectural details like dormers and trey ceilings.  Construction Materials. Size of the home. Age of construction. These are just a few of the factors considered during a home performance evaluation.  Home performance experts like Lifestyle Comfort Solutions perform a two-three hour test using state-of-the-art equipment including a blower door, smoke pencils, and duct blasters.  Using the principles of building science, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions provides a homeowner with a personalized look at how their home is performing, and provides a report of suggested improvements from simple DIY projects to recommended professional repairs.  Homeowners engaging Lifestyle Comfort Solutions to perform a home performance and duct analysis are under NO obligation to invest in repairs following the test.

The Thermal Envelope is Actually Many Layers

The modern thermal envelope is generally composed of seven layers: exterior finish, thermal control layer, water control layer, air control layer, vapor control layer, building support, and the interior finish.  The kind and quality of materials in each of these layers plays an important role in the comfort and energy efficiency of the home.  One part of a home may be constructed from different materials than another part.  More modern additions may have been added to older homes.  Professional like Lifestyle Comfort Solutions understand how varying materials work individually, and together for comfort and energy efficiency.

Why You Need Professional Help

There are many ways to improve the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.  Insulation is critical, but without air-sealing, added insulation is largely money wasted.   While some air leaks are easy to spot, trained technicians using state-of-the-art technology pinpoint air leaks around doors, windows, skylights, recessed lighting, trey ceilings, dormers, and weak spots throughout the home. Professionals like Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offer innovative solutions which go beyond caulking around doors and windows.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers its clients a whole home approach, combining the heating/cooling system and its accessories with a highly functioning thermal envelope. The result?  Ultimate comfort.

The Department of Energy estimates that 43 cents of every home energy dollar spent comes from heating and cooling.  It’s easy to see why repairing the thermal envelope often pays for itself in energy savings.  Even new construction has room for improvement. Many local building codes now require home performance  testing for new construction.

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