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When Your Home Feels Chilly in Winter

by | Feb 6, 2018 | Comfort | 0 comments

Throughout Winter, Dayton and its surrounding communities are held in Jack Frost’s icy grip. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions shares what to consider when your home doesn’t feel as warm and toasty as you prefer.

Failure to Weatherize

The walls, floors, ceilings, and windows of your home make up the thermal envelope. Air leaking through the thermal envelop causes the furnace to work harder, constantly cycling on and off. You waste energy, wear out furnace parts, and you experience drafts.

Air sealing and insulation are critical. Learn more about air-sealing and insulation at

Thermostat Problems

A malfunctioning thermostat is among the most common reasons that your home remains chilly. Thermostat batteries may require changing. There may be problems with thermostat wiring.  The thermostat may be improperly set. It may be time to upgrade your thermostat to one of the many high performing choices available today.

Aging Equipment

Your furnace is a workhorse which generally lasts for 12-15 years. Many manufacturers of today’s most reliable heating/cooling equipment warranty their product for 10 years.

But, frequent breakdowns signal the end of useful life. When equipment doesn’t keep up with exceptionally cold weather, it’s time to consider replacement.

Lack of Proper Maintenance

Regular filter changes are critical to system performance. Follow manufacturer instructions; you may need a new filter each month, others once a year. Most filters require replacements, while some high grade filtration systems may allow for hand washing and reuse.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is pleased to help you choose the right filters for your home and your budget

Invest in seasonal maintenance for both your furnace and air-conditioner every year.  Manufacturers, the EPA, and quality contractors all agree that regular maintenance extends the life of your equipment, supports energy efficient operation, and spots defects early.

Poor Performing Ductwork

Most American homes leak out about 25% of conditioned air from the duct work before it reaches its comfort destination. Duct sealing is critical to home comfort. State of the art heating equipment may disappoint if air doesn’t arrive at its intended destination.

Don’t block warm air registers with objects like rugs, drapes, furniture. Close drapes against the cold, and open to allow daytime sunlight to warm rooms.

Set your ceiling fans properly for the season; they should run clockwise in Winter.

Learn more at or call us at 937.202.4520 for a friendly conversation about your home’s comfort. At Lifestyle Comfort Solutions we’re Committed to Comfort…Season after Season.

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