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Handling Dust in Your Home

by | Apr 10, 2018 | Air Ducts | 0 comments

The average American home is invaded by 40 pounds of dust each year! That yucky stuffy on surfaces is made up of plant pollen, human/animal skin and hair, textile/paper fibers, and dust which blows in from outside. Worst yet, the dust is filled with dust mites, horrible little critters, which can turn dust from annoyance into health hazard.

Finding the right solution to dust in your home comes from rightly identifying the source of your dust problem. With its whole home approach to comfort, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions is your trusted partner in controlling dust in your home.

Air Sealing

The walls, ceiling, and floors of your home are called the thermal envelope. Holes and cracks in the thermal envelope allow dust from the attic and crawl space to flow into your home. More contaminated air flows into your home from the attic than enters around leaky windows and doors. By using a blower door, dust blaster, and infrared camera, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions locates air leaks in soffitts, trey ceilings, around lighting, and in floor and wall cavities. Repairs to the thermal envelope and the air ducts connected to your heating/cooling system is the #1 way to control dust in the home.

Duct Sealing

According to the US Department of Energy, air ducts in the average American home, leak around 25% of the air which passes through. Leaky ducts allow dust to build up inside. This buildup continually recycles through the home, landing on surfaces. Duct tape is NOT the answer. Professional duct sealing repairs air duct leaks, keeping your home tidier, enhancing comfort, and helping homeowners manage energy costs. 

What about duct cleaning?

A home which has experienced significant dirt from construction or remodeling may benefit from duct cleaning. However, in the opinion of Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, it is more advisable to address the reason that dust is gathering in the ducts, rather than continually investing in duct cleaning itself.

Frequent Filter Changes

Dust enters and travels around your home on the air. Regular furnace filter changes, according to manufacturer instructions, reduce the amount of dust building up on the filter. Less dust on the filter.  Less dust to blow around the home. Pleated filters grab more dust than smooth. Choose electrostatic filters whenever possible.

Upgrade your filters to the best your budget allows. Ask Lifestyle Comfort Solutions to introduce you to the many options on today’s market.

Weekly Housekeeping Tips

  • Turn your furnace fan to ON while running the vacuum, and for up to 15 minutes after vacuuming. Your furnace will suck up dust being stirred up by vacuuming.
  • Use microfiber dusting clothes. Dust attaches and is laundered away, rather than floating around when disturbed by feather dusters.
  • Clean air registers regularly with vacuum attachment or hand-held vacuum to remove dust build up.

Choose Mechanical Air Filtration/Purification

Pair your heating/cooling system with the perfect air purification/filtration device to attack dust in your home. Some of today’s high efficiency devices remove over 99% of dust and indoor pollutants from the air. Ask Lifestyle Comfort Solutions to help you to select the  best choice for your home, family, and budget.

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