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Flat-Rate Pricing: Money Savings and Peace of Mind

by | Mar 13, 2018 | HVAC | 0 comments

For years, customers needing HVAC repairs faced a dilemma:  Authorize a necessary repair with little, if any, idea what the final cost would be.  This “time and material” approach was based upon an hourly rate for the length of time a technician took to finish a service task, plus the cost of repair parts and material.  It left customers in the dark, hoping they wouldn’t be handed a huge bill which broke their budget when it was too late to consider other options.  Today’s savvy customer looks not just for quality of service and skill, but also peace of mind which comes from guaranteed, upfront prices. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions uses a “flat rate pricing” system which offers its clients reliability and confidence.

How is the “Flat Rate” Price Determined?

Industry leaders such as Air-conditioning Contractors of America, the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air-Conditioning Engineers, and Energy Star establish industry best practices. They determine the amount of time, the type of parts, and the repair procedures, a reputable HVAC contractor should use to perform various service tasks. This national pricing standard is based upon a simple idea: how long should a repair take when performed by a  qualified, trained technician working with proper tools and quality parts? Repair charges are based upon parts and equipment cost averages in each local area area. Flat-rate pricing, is applied to all customers, who know the price of repair before authorizing completion. Pricing is based upon the review of thousand of similar jobs, and the average cost of these jobs nationwide.

Benefits of “Flat Rate” Pricing

  • Pricing does not changes no matter how long the service takes. The problem with the time and materials method is that some customers are in the unfortunate position of paying more for a given service task than others, based on the skills and experience of the technician.

  • Customers control the repair based on actual information, and can weigh options beside expensive repair.

  • The cost of novice technicians who may take longer to diagnose and repair is born by the HVAC company, not its customer.

  • Customers benefit when an HVAC company invests in cutting- edge tools, in fully stocked trucks, and in training.

  • Flat rate pricing respects a customer’s time. There’s no financial advantage to the contractor to stretch out a repair or to add unnecessary parts and service to the repair.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions was one of the first Dayton, OH Heating/Cooling Companies to adopt a flat-rate pricing strategy for the benefits of its clients.  Give us a call or visit us at to learn more of the ways we put customer interests first.

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