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Elements of a Well-Designed HVAC System

by | Jul 31, 2018 | HVAC | 0 comments

What exactly does Lifestyle Comfort Solutions mean when it says “We design systems to the unique needs of every home”? Creating home comfort is more than just pulling out an ailing system and shoving new equipment in its place.  Here are important elements which must work together for ultimate comfort, safety, health, and energy-efficiency.

Quality, Energy-Efficient Equipment

An HVAC system must be correctly sized for best performance.  Equipment which is too big or too small wastes energy, and stresses components resulting in uneven temperatures and more frequent breakdowns.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions performs  load calculation using a formula which takes a whole host of factors into consideration: type of home and the direction it faces, amount and type of insulation, windows and doors and other building openings, home lay-out and size, and much, much more.

Realizing an HVAC system is a significant investment and you will live with your decision for 10-15 years during the lifetime of the equipment, be certain you’ve purchased the right size equipment in a reputable brand, with excellent warranties.

Proper Ventilation

The V in HVAC stands for ventilation, and it’s a critical, but, at times, overlooked element of home comfort and health.  You don’t want to continually recirculate stale, dirty air full of allergens and indoor air pollution.  Where sufficient fresh air doesn’t enter the space naturally, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions adds mechanical ventilation to keep you and your family breathing easier

Highly Functioning Duct System

According to the US Department of Energy and EnergyStar, investment in duct repair is the single best energy investment a homeowner makes.

Ducts are the system which transport warm/cool air to various areas of the home. Ducts made of lightweight metal are preferred.  Fabric duct is designed for short runs and tight, difficult turns not foot after foot across the attic or basement floor.

The best performing duct delivery systems are designed; they don’t just happen.

Improperly installed or aging ducts leak– costing as much as 25 cents of every energy dollar in lost comfort. Your professionals at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions perform professional duct repair.

Despite its name, duct tape is NOT the answer!

For best performance duct systems should be properly balanced: each supply duct requires a return air duct in the same space.

Humidity Control

Temperature control alone is not enough to create comfort.  Conditions which are too dry or too moist create comfort problems of their own.

Musical instruments, artwork, and wood floors require consistent humidity to protect their value.

A consistent humidity levels between 30% and 50% is a good target to aim for.

Indoor Air Quality 

You have only two sets of filters in your home–your mechanical protection and your lungs.  Whatever the mechanical system leaves behind in the air, your lungs must deal with.

Whether a homeowner prefers whole house air purifying or cleaning, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offers a host of options to choose from.  Air quality accessories may be installed along with new equipment, or added to existing equipment.

Indoor air quality accessories are available to even the most budget conscious family.  Some are eligible for utility rebates and Lifestyle Comfort Solutions financing programs.

One-size-fits-all should never be applied to your home comfort.  The professionals at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions work with our clients to create homes which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy-efficient.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions: Season after Season, Committed to Comfort!

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