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“Duct”ing the High Cost of Energy

by | May 1, 2018 | Ductwork | 0 comments

A thief lurks behind walls, in the attic, or in the crawl space of your home. It steals your comfort and robs you of hard-earned energy dollars.

Ductwork carries hot or cold air from your HVAC equipment into the spaces where you and your family live.  Because it’s generally unseen, most homeowners are unaware of its critical role in your comfort… and  to your wallet.

In years past, when fuel was relatively inexpensive, few contractors and homeowners concerned themselves with leaky ducts. Today, the DOE (U.S. Department of Energy) estimates that nationwide, average ductwork leaks forty percent of the conditioned air out of the duct before it reaches its destination. On a practical level, this means that for every dollar you spend in energy costs, 40 cents is wasted!

Moreover, leaky ductwork results in equipment which works harder and longer, shortening the life of the equipment.  Since your HVAC is the single biggest energy user in your home, leaky ducts reach into your pocket for significant energy dollars.

Leaky ducts pull air from dirty spaces like attics and crawl spaces, which introduces bugs, dust, rodent feces, and contaminants into the air you breath.

And leaky ducts rob you and your family of the comfort you expect from your HVAC system.

According to the DOE, sealing ductwork is the single best way to improve the energy efficiency of your home–a higher priority than replacing windows, or blowing in insulation.

Leaky ductwork is best diagnosed with the use of a duct blaster during a home and duct performance test by a contractor like Lifestyle Comfort Solutions who sees your home as a system, designing solutions which offer total comfort. Ducts may be sealed by hand or with systems which repair from the inside out.

Whatever way you choose, duct repair is the best way to “duct” high energy costs and to enjoy ultimate comfort.Call us today at 937.202.4520 to repair your ductwork, or request service online!

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