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Ceiling Fans in Winter

by | Dec 4, 2018 | Heating | 0 comments

The debate over the use of a ceiling fan in Winter continues to rage with no clear answers.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions suggests you consider the following when deciding to use your ceiling fan during heating season.

Properly Set the Ceiling Fan 

Since warm air rises, it only makes sense that a ceiling fan which pushes warm air back down toward the living space may make you feel warmer.

In Winter, the ceiling fan should rotate in a clockwise direction.  Reduce the speed of the fan so you don’t feel an uncomfortable breeze during colder Winter months.

How to Reverse Your Ceiling Fan

In most models, changing the direction of the ceiling fan is fairly simple.  Turn off the fan completely to prevent the change of being hit by the blades.  Find the direction switch, usually on the fan motor housing.  Move the switch to the desired direction, and turn the fan back on.

Ceiling Fans in Winter May Save Energy Dollars

Some studies indicate that reversing your ceiling fan may lower heating costs as much as 15%.  That is a significant savings.

Ceiling fans generally cost no more to run than a 60 watt light bulb, or about a penny an hour.  All in all, an excellence return-on-investment of your energy dollar.

Consider Outdoor Weather Conditions

During mild Winter days, the ceiling fan may be a partner in comfort.  However, many HVAC experts recommend that you turn the ceiling fan completely off during extremely cold days.

You may need to experiment to determine whether use of a ceiling fan makes you more comfortable, or robs you of warmth in Winter.  Trial and error should help you decide what works best for your specific home.

Even on mild Winter days, ceiling fans should be used only when a room is occupied.  Running the ceiling fan continuously in an unoccupied space does nothing to improve the overall comfort of your home.

The experts at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions offer a wide variety of comfort and performance solutions.  Call us at 937.202.4520 to learn the many ways we can make your home comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient.

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