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Why Does My Air-Conditioner Turn On and Off?

by | Jul 10, 2018 | Air Conditioning | 0 comments

Technicians call it short-cycling. Your air-conditioner turns on and off in rather quick succession. More than just a nuisance, short-cycling is a warning sign that there’s a problem with your comfort system.  Your energy costs increase.  Short cycling shortens your AC’s life span, requiring costly replacement sooner.  Short-cycling causes a whole host of problems.  It robs you of ultimate comfort. If you notice your air-conditioner turning on and off, over and over, call  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions to explore the following:

Low Refrigerant

Coolant, known as refrigerant, flows through your system, absorbing heat and cooling the air inside your home. When refrigerant is low, the compressor’s low pressure control triggers, shutting off your compressor. When the pressure rises, it triggers a restart.  Low refrigerant levels signal a possible leak.  Low refrigerant may cause frozen coils.  Lifestyle Comfort Solutions can perform a leak test to address potential damage to your unit–and to the environment.

Thermostat Location

Your thermostat is the sensor which tells your air-conditioner when to cool your home.  If it is located near a window, or too close to a vent, it may send misleading information to your AC. A thermostat is best located in a central place away from direct sunlight and vents.

Dirty Air Filter

Dirty air filters are one of the most common and easily remedied problems with AC. Dirty filters restrict airflow, and cause many problems with your Dayton, OH cooling system. Change your filter according to manufacturer directions, maybe as frequently as once a month.

Equipment Oversizing

Bigger is not better when selecting an air-conditioner for your home.  An over-sized unit cools the home too rapidly, yet it doesn’t dehumidify properly.  The unit shuts down and starts up again immediately.  You experience hot and cold spots, and higher energy bills.  Because properly sizing equipment is so critical, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions performs a Manual J heat load calculation to determine the proper-sized unit for your home.

Depend on Lifestyle Comfort Solutions to design the perfect comfort system for your Dayton, OH home, and to maintain existing systems to industry best practice standards. Lifestyle Comfort Solutions has innovative solutions for your family’s comfort, health, safety, and energy efficiency.

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