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Using HVAC Air Balancing to Enjoy Ultimate Comfort

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Ductwork | 0 comments

HVAC air balancing is considered the single most effective way to achieve ultimate comfort.

Rooms too hot?  Too cold? Too noisy?  One floor less comfortable than another? Vents blowing out too much air?  Too little air?.

Using principles of building science and sophisticated test instruments, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions creates consistent comfort through HVAC air balancing and duct repair.  

Here’s what you need to know:

Properly Functioning Duct Work is Critical

Out of sight. Out of mind.  Though well hidden, ducts make up the most critical element in your comfort system.  Most ducts leak from 20%-40%.  That means around 25 cents of every energy dollar you invest is wasted.

Think of your duct work like the blood vessels in your body.  Disrupt the blood flow, and illness occurs.

Ducts carry conditioned air to the spaces in your home or workplace.

Restrict air flow and you shorten the lifespan of your equipment, reduce indoor air quality, and spoil your home’s comfort level.

What’s Involved in Air Balancing and Duct Repair

Air balancing uses principles of building science to adjust your HVAC system for proper air flow.

Before arrival, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions gathers information on building design. Next, we determine manufacturer specifications for equipment installed in you home.

Once on-site, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ technicians use flow hoods, manometers, and dust blasters to find problems like:

  • holes in ducts
  • loose duct joints
  • blockages
  • undersized ducts
  • excessively long duct runs
  • sharp turns

Finally, using this information, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions makes repairs as simple as adjusting fan speeds,  adjusting dampers or air registers, or sealing cracks in duct joints.

More extensive repairs may be needed.  There may be flaws in the original duct design. Installing a zoning system may prove beneficial.

Repairs like these may be more costly and take more time. But, Lifestyle Comfort Solutions never performs any repair without the knowledge and permission of the home or building owner.

Test time varies–around 2-3 hours in most cases with two technicians working together.   Once finished, you won’t even know we’ve been there. The test requires no permanent alteration to your home or building.

Can I Perform Air Balancing Myself?

Air-balancing is not generally a successful DIY project.  Creating consistent comfort requires understanding elements which work in sync–temperature, humidity, and air pressure–to get the appropriate amount of air to arrive in each space.

Accurate results require the use of sophisticated measuring tools, unavailable to most homeowners.

It’s best to trust professionals, like those at Lifestyle Comfort Solutions, to gather information, and to propose solutions based upon training, experience, and certification.

Lifestyle Comfort Solutions’ mission is to create homes and workplaces which are comfortable, safe, healthy, and energy efficient.

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